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How can parents make sure their child hears well?

Parents should on their own request a good exam if they are up to date.
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When is the exam?

Examination is done from the 2nd to the 5th day of life before leaving the maternity ward with the echo sounds and if necessary with potentially explosive … 2 examinations totally painless while the baby is asleep. The longer the test is, the more difficult is because the hours are decreasing and it starts to move more intensely so it takes narcosis to make such a simple test.

While in many countries in Europe it is mandatory to control hearing in all maternity hospitals, Greece is still not only for high-risk newborns, but it should be done at all.

When will the new mother must worry:

For up to 6 months, the baby should tighten his eyelids (lumbar reflex) in a sudden sudden noise, or he should bounce his whole body or stretch his arms and legs (Moro’s reflex) or while he is asleep abruptly in a sound of about 80 debesels.

From 6 months to 2 years old, he should turn his head to the blow of a spoon in the cup or a rattle while the parent makes this noise behind his back without the baby seeing him. Or to distract him from the barking of a dog. After the time he has to react when he calls his name and after 18 months he has a vocabulary with at least 30 words. After the 2nd year he has to make proposals with at least 2 to 3 words.

If these do not exist, parents need to ask for help from the otorhinolaryngologist.

Relative hearing impairment is as early as diagnosed and treated, the greater the child’s benefit in listening to the development of speech and cognitive ability and finally its socialization.
They are treated with hearing loss from the age of 3 months and a cochlear implant from the age of 10 months and then depending on when the diagnosis will be diagnosed.

Acquired hearing loss

Acquired hearing loss in an otherwise healthy child has as a common cause otitis media occurs mostly during the winter during the vivisection and especially in children who go to a 3 to 5 year old nursery. No pain from the beginning when it hurts means that fluid is gathered behind the drum and presses it so that it can make a puncture.Once the puncture is done, the pain stops and runs purulent fluid from the ear, a liquid infected with germs. The ear is clogged, the child does not listen well and may be stunned and has no appetite to eat, will be restless and can make a fever.

Otitis externa

Otitis media is associated with viruses and bacteria; examination by the otorhinolaryngologist includes microscopy, typography, and fluid culture acquisition.

Treatment with antibiotic antipyretics and painkillers. If the fluid remains for 3 months after the end of the treatment, it may be necessary to puncture the drum or place ventilation tubes as appropriate.
Usually behind the otitis media, which persists, are the so-called baby meats.

How can diagnosis be done in a timely manner?
If the parents see that it is sniffing that means a stuffy nose, it breathes open at night, it can snore, and during the day it has a mouth open, it can easily get tired, it has drowsiness and difficulty concentrating on school, then they have to turn to ENT.
The carcases are removed in the operating room with general sedation and, as the case may be, drum jump and tonsillectomy are combined with almond hypertrophy.

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