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Otorhinolaryngologist Surgery

Christina V. Batha

19 Eirini Avenue, Preveza
Batha Christina

Otorhinolaryngology is surgical, pathological and laboratory specialty … and includes many sub-specialties.
Learn about the latest methods of surgery in our ENT clinic.

  • Radiofrequency Surgery.
  • Shrinking the size of hypertrophic tonsils, cryptolysis for the treatment of the halitosis.
  • Treatment of the hypertrophic nasal turbinates.
  • Cutting of tongue ligament to treat dysarthria.
  • Removing of oral cavity papilomas and granulomas.
  • Treatment of snoring – sleep apnea.
  • RF treatment of nasal adhesions.
  • Removal of  nasal polyps.
  • Control of nasal bleeding.
  • Removing facial moles with RF.
The clinic is located in Preveza. The modern and constantly enriching equipment of …
can support an integrated ENT exam
Surgeon Otorhinolaryngologist Preveza

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Bhatha Christina

My desire and my pursuit, being built between a physician and patient relationships of trust.

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