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Christina B. Batha
Avenue Erinis 19 Preveza
Throat specialist
Batha Christina

The clinic is located in the centre of Preveza city. The modern and constantly enriching equipment of …
can support an integrated ENT exam.

E endoscopy of nose, throat, laryngx with a flexible and rigid endoscope.


Our Doctor infirmary provides.

  • Hearing loss and tinnitus examination.
  • Nose bleeding control with radio frequency.
  • Nasal endoscopy, nasopharynx, larynx using a flexible rhinotracheal endoscope and rigid larynx endoscope, with video recording.
  • Radio-frequency micro-interventions, shrinking nasal turbinates, uvuloplasty, oral cavity papillomas removal.
  • Control and treatment of Snoring- sleep apnea.
  • Vertigo study
  • Audiometry Tympanometry.
  • ENT endoscopy with video recording.
  • Surgery with radio frequencies.
  • Shrinking of the size of hypertrophic tonsils, cryptolysis (oral mucosal treatment)
  • Nasal bleeding control with radiofrequencies.
  • Tongue ligament  resection for treatment of dysarthria.
  • Removal of mucosal papilloma and oral cavity papillomas
  • Treatment of snoring – sleep apnea with ablation, shrinkage of the tonsil mass to enlarge the airway, hypertrophic nasal turbinates,uvuloplasty.
  • Solution of nasal adhesions.
  • Removing of nose polyps
  • Removing of facial moles with RF

Prick tests for the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis amd asthma.

The clinic is located in Preveza The modern and constantly enriching equipment of …
can support an integrated ENT exam.

Surgeon Otorhinolaryngologist Preveza

Trust relationships

Batha Christina

My desire and my pursuit, being built between a physician and patient relationships of trust.

You can contact me through the contact form at the orlpreveza website.

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